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From cars to homes, schools to vacation resorts, we love having choices. The ability to choose allows us to tailor a product or service to meet our own specific wants and needs. This is equally important when it comes to protecting yourself, your family and your business. There is no single insurance company that can provide for EVERY type of risk you face.

There are primarily two types of insurance agencies. A captive agency represents one insurance company. That can be a serious issue when that company doesn’t offer the coverage you need. It also means that if your rates increase your only option is to find another agent.

An independent agency represents multiple insurance companies. That means you have many choices, and that can save you money. For instance: some insurance companies are more competitive in providing auto insurance to young drivers, while others offer better rates to more seasoned drivers. Some insurance companies provide discounts for good students while others offer substantial savings when you purchase both homeowner’s and auto insurance from the same carrier.

As an independent agency, Austin McNichols has a network of insurance providers, enabling us to place the right company with the right client. Our agents work diligently to ensure you’re placed with a solid company that offers discounts for which you qualify.


It’s no secret that insurance policy rates increase. It’s an unchangeable fact of life and always will be. As an independent insurance agency, Austin McNichols works for you. If the company you’re currently with increases their rates, we do the shopping for you, looking for quality coverage at a rate you’ll appreciate. Should your needs change, we find a carrier who provides the risk management solution that fills it. You don’t have to go to another agency to find the affordable insurance protection that gives you peace of mind: it’s right here at Austin McNichols.

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